Cork City Council A Cork City Council Initiative
Cork City Council A Cork City Council Initiative


Cork City Council is very proud to organise and support Cork Heritage Open Day, an event that showcases the many elements of Cork City’s rich heritage in a fun, family friendly way

Ann Doherty, Chief Executive, Cork City Council

From small beginnings with just 30 participating buildings and 5000 visitors Cork Heritage Open Day was organised to mark the 2005 City of Culture programme of events. Now more than a decade later Cork Heritage Open Day has more than 40 buildings involved, an extensive programme of over 50 events ongoing throughout the day and reaching an audience of almost 20,000 visits

The event is organised by Cork City Council as part of Heritage Week in partnership with the Heritage Council and with media sponsorship form Cork’s 96FM and the Evening Echo

The event is organised almost entirely on a voluntary basis with building owners, local historians and communities giving their time free of charge.  The success of the event lies with the people behind the buildings who open their doors willingly every year to allow the public a glimpse of the amazing and unique built heritage of Cork City.  Without the generosity of these building owners this event would not happen.

It is a heritage to be treasured and enjoyed at every view and vista; every bridge that spans the River Lee, every twist and turn of the winding streets, every hand hewn block of sandstone, limestone and granite that has been placed one on top of the other by past generations of merchant princes, every steel and glass structure erected by the more recent generations of developer kings.

Cork Heritage Open Day is such a special celebration of our city. For one day, every year, the doors are thrown open and we, the citizens, are invited to experience the beating heart of our city. It is an invitation not to be missed.


Cónal Creedon, Cork Heritage Open Day Ambassador
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