Cork City Council A Cork City Council Initiative
Cork City Council A Cork City Council Initiative


Customs and Commerce

The Customs and Commerce walk follows the river and showcases some of the old and new commercial buildings in the city. These buildings track the commercial history of Cork City and highlight its many industries over time. For the more energetic walker this route can be combined with the Medieval to Modern walking route.

Medieval to Modern

The Medieval and Modern Walk weaves through the streets and lanes of what was once medieval Cork. Many of the historic buildings on this route have been renovated and conserved and now have a modern function, which is often very different from its original use. For the more energetic walker this route can be combined with the City Centre – Customs and Commerce walking route.

Saints and Scholars

The Saints and Scholars route lies to the South side of the city and takes in the Backwater Studios/ Cork Printmakers and the peaceful tranquillity of the Quaker burial ground. The route encompasses places of learning and places of worship finishing up at the South Gate bridge with magnificent views of St. Fin Barre’s Cathedral.

Life and Learning

The Life and Learning walk lies to the West of the city. This walking route highlights the historic record of life in Cork from early times to modern day, the industrial heritage of the city as well as highlighting the renowned seat of learning that is UCC. This walk begins in the leafy grounds of University College Cork. Stroll leisurely around the Main Quadrangle, Honan Chapel and The Glucksman before visiting the Cork Public Museum and the converted Victorian waterworks which is now the Old Cork Waterworks Experience.

 Blackrock Castle Observatory is a state of the art facility and is easily accessible by bus or car or a brisk half hour walk along the beautiful Marina Walk. Fota House lies to the East of the City, the magnificent house and gardens are well worth a visit.

Steps and Steeples

The Steps and Steeples walk encompasses not only some of the amazing buildings on the North Side of the city but also some of the most spectacular views. This walking route involves hiking up some of the steep hills of the city and through some of its fascinating areas.

Catholic Churches

The Catholic Churches of Cork City are a treasure of history and built heritage. The architecture of these churches encompasses many styles and influences and the artefacts, vestments and archives are a very valuable cultural heritage asset in their own right. This year we are delighted to feature four such important Catholic churches.